New House

Something I enjoyed about living in a used house was thinking about the possibility of finding a hidden item or treasure, something that someone left behind or forgot about. I bought a brand new house and the thought is sad now. Advertisements


I want to adopt. I know it’s the new cool Christian thing to do but I actually want to. I want to choose someone who wasn’t chosen. I want to explore that and make a difference.

I miss sharing

I miss sharing life with you. You, the man I shared the most with. I see, experience, think, explore, conquer, fail, and think of you in those circumstances. I loved hearing your input, advise, encouragement, voice of reason, your personal experiences. I miss you dad.

Being Present…

Is much harder than hiding. I remember when my mom was sick. I was a teenager, young, unsure of what everything meant but I knew it would be okay. It wasn’t. Eight years after believing it would all work out, riding on the longest rollercoaster of my life, she passed. I had SO much hope. … More Being Present…

Dying Dreams

How does one stop dreaming? I used to play, I used to explore, I used to push towards new things. And some where I stopped. I quit playing, I quit exploring, I quite pursuing. I stopped. I saw my Facebook memories from two years ago. Basic stuff. I got a drum set, recording things, soundboard, … More Dying Dreams